Blessed Coast Festival FAQ

Is alcohol available?  No alcohol is available or allowed onsite.

Will food be served? Food and Refreshments are available from Licensed Food Vendors at an average cost of $10 per meal (Vegan/Veg. and Meat Dishes)

Is there cell phone service?  There is limited cell service onsite but town is only 10 minutes away by car with good reception.

Does day pass include camping that night? – No, pass is good till the Main Stage closes down.

Are dogs allowed?  We love our furry friends but this is a working Horse Ranch so no pets allowed!

Are kids free? – Yes, under the age of 12 kids are free. There is a Kids’ Zone with many supervised activities.

How do ticket transfers work? If you have sold your ticket to someone else, please inform us of their legal name, from the email address that you originally purchased the ticket with as soon as possible to avoid any issues. email our admin staff at:

Is it still possible to volunteer? No. Volunteer roster is complete.

Is there potable water onsite? Yes, but please bring re-usable water bottles & travel mugs, & preferably dishes & cutlery, e.g. AVOID plastic & disposables.

Stewardship of the Land and Onsite Waste Management

Create an Impact 

Recycling: All plastic containers, aluminum, tin cans, glass, clean mixed paper, drink cartons and plastic packaging can be recycled at the Supervised Waste Stations.

Place all food waste, wax paper, wet or soiled paper, compostable drink cups and paper containers in the compost bins throughout the site.

Landfill: If it can’t be recycled or composted, place it in the garbage bins. This includes styrofoam, chip bags, candy wrappers, tape, chewing gum and plastic bags.

Cigarette Butts: Please don’t throw your butts on the grass! 😉 Place in bins located at the Waste Stations.

Reusable Revolution: Bring Reusable Cups and Water bottles for all your healthy drinks! Use the same cup when purchasing delicious smoothies, or sharing a cup of coffee with your neighbor!

Car Pool: Sharing is Caring! Make a friend and adventure on the Sea to Sky Highway all the while reducing your eco footprint and your expenses.

Dish washing: Bring your dishes to our washing station located at the ‘front desk’ and clean your dishes. Please avoid washing your dishes in the river as we want to keep it clean and chemical free! 

Bath Time: Please avoid using any chemicals in the river when washing off the dust and sweat! This includes soap, shampoo and conditioner! If you’d like to wash your hair bring a bucket and fill it up with water and bring it away from the river to shampoo your hair using non-harmful ingredients.