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Reviews from our guests:

“100 percent coming back next year!!! Loved the vibe and the beautiful people. Awesome site and the river was bliss! Fire dancers…talent and the music was perfect. It’s good to see too that green power was used. Some of the coolest staff I’ve met at a festival. Thank you for the love!!!!!”

Dave Knill

“This weekend was not any festival. This was a CEREMONY. An awakening of what is to come and how we must step up and DO SOMETHING. I feel deep deep in my solar plexus this feeling of responsibility, and I know I’m not the only one. What is ONE thing we can do today to prove that this past weekend wasn’t just another festival?”

Samantha Lynn

“Thank you to the Organizers, the Cheekye Ranch, and Indigenous Hosts and Elders for creating a very safe and welcoming space for us this weekend. As a single Dad I was very moved by the efforts to make the Festival kid friendly. So many little ones running free with smiles on their painted faces. Their playfulness and laughter, their joy and curiosity filled the fields and air of the Festival with a lightness and freeness that flowed into the energy of the Festival community.”

Jonathan Hanley

“Oh so happy to be living in the afterglow of four glorious, heart-opening days at Blessed Coast, where I taught a new and wonderful workshop. connected with loved ones, made new friends, danced up a storm to purpose-driven, transcendent music, moved my body to delicious yogic bliss and attended transformational workshops. THANK-YOU EVERYONE!”

Janeta Jane

“My experience over the weekend was one of deep love, inspiration and healing and it left me full of gratitude for all the gifts this community has to offer. Thank-you to everyone who made this festival possible – it was one of my favourite festival experiences yet!”

Diego Pacheco

“I can’t thank-you all enough for making this weekend such a special and magical experience! It has reawakened something in me that I will be sure to carry from now on. Most of all, thank-you for being a family-friendly event. I was a little hesitant to bring my little girls but really wanted to expose them to something inspiring and show them a different dimension of life. They soaked up the creativity, love and joy. It was a safe place for them to explore and meet people and find their own magic..being able to share this experience with our children and show them how beautiful things can be was truly a profound experience!”

Melissa Bajic

“Thank-you for reminding me that WE are the ones we have been waiting for!”  

Ahimsa Adhikya